Thursday, 29 January 2009

tie rack scarves reservation

  • i will get new stocks of tudung/scarves by this weekend insyaAllah

  • so for those yg da ada mintak quotation from me please email me the confirmation of how many pieces do u i will get the idea of how many pieces to buy

  • for those yg baru nk order pn boleh..just email me at

  • once i da bli i will put the picture of the design in this blog

  • pilihan corak on first come first serve basis
  • u guys can give me contoh of the pattern or what so ever..but its just for me to get the idea..i will just buy ape yg ada kt kedai tu jela...yg lbih kurg design yg diberi k.

  • after pilih baru bayar

  • and after bayar baru i post the scarves to your address

  • i will update the terms and condition nanti

  • if u agree then baru baya

  • no resereve2 k..sape cepat dia dpt

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