Friday, 30 October 2009

be different.look gorgeous.with high cost

come on ladies
only a few left
come and look different
be different and look gorgeous
only with these tierack scarf
please please have a look at them
i promise u will get very2 good price
i just want to let go all of them
RM48 if u buy one
RM46 each if buy two
RM45 each if buy 3 or more
(if buy more may get less than that with request)
all price include postage

the price include tierack original suitable for a gift.

i'm sure every woman will be happy

if they get tierack scarf as a gift

Saturday, 17 October 2009

tierack scarf cheaper!!

dear all,
i will be busy for my final year this year.
so i would just like to let go all of my stocks here.
please take all if u like

please email me for special price request

please browse first because most of them are beautiful designs


4 AND ABOVE RM45 each

ask for special price.
(include brunei customers)