Thursday, 29 January 2009

attention please!

if anyone interested to but any stuff from United kingdom please email me
and i will try to survey for u and let u know the price

but of course i will include price for postage and service fee as well
but i will make sure the price would be less than price that u can get in malaysia

if its not worth it dont buy la kn..;p..

but if teringin nk jugk why not kan?i will be happy to help u but with some payment la of course(i am doing business here fren..) :p ....but still not much..i bet u.. :D

if u want to buy big stuff or banyak2 brg(contoh kalo nk jual) i can arrange post by ship for u(so it would be cheaper)
but it takes time

contoh barang yg boleh di tgk as an idea

body shop product (which i found cheaper than in malaysia)
designer handbag
perfumes(set for valentines byk kelua skrg)
or anything la

but for sure after paid baru i pos semua barang ok

dont be hesitate..jgn malu dan segan

just email me at

preferbly before saturday sbb i nk keluar i can go survey the price..after than pn blh jugak

have a nice weekend everyone!! :)

p/s: terms and condition blm siap karang lagila.. :D..nnt la.

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