Tuesday, 30 March 2010

NEW SPRING 2010 collection out now!!!

all comes with proper TIERACK label
and tierack gift box

P 01
4 available
2 sold

P 02
3 sold

P 03

P 04
1 sold

P 05
2 sold

P 06
1 sold

P 07
3 sold

P 08
2 sold

P 09
1 sold

P 10
2 sold

P 11
1 sold

P 12
1 sold

RM58 1 piece
RM55 2-3pieces
RM50 4 and above

all include postage to Malaysia

TIE RACK ltd has increased their price.
so sad.
but in beauty tierack the price still the lowest ever :)

please bear that this is NEW SPRING 2010 COLLECTIONS
so all of them are fresh

all of the scarves will be posting from MALAYSIA this time
so dont worry about loss or late delivery
i will use POS MALAYSIA

insyaAllah.3 working days da sampi.

usually beauty design selling very fast.
so do choose quick ok




Tie Rack said...

A tall wine rack would look classy behind the bar. Several tall wine racks can be combined to great a storage facility or only two separated by a counter to create you bar.

Dewi Aja said...

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