Sunday, 3 May 2009

pesanan penting beauty tierack scarves

hi everyone firstly thanks for all the wishes for my exams..best2..semoga doa2 kalian dimakbulkan..hehe.. ok

here is the new stocks that i have its not so much. these are just what i've got before i did my exams but dont worry..i will do some stocking some time this week maybe

ok here i would like to stress out that kindly read my terms and conditions before u make an order..especially about the postage i will normally use normal postage which the price include in the price that i stated for your scarves..normal postage means no track sign and no warranty if u need special delivery i do charge extra for that.... however,so far i did sell 200+ pieces and its about more than 50 packages, there are only 2 lost its up to u..

now its the most important parts since there's a lot of demand of tie rack scarves to me(alhamdulillah) i need to be more strict this time its not for me..but for the very good,loyal n my lovely customers.. this time i would just allow 3 days reservation...if u do not get back to me after reservation i will cancel your order 3 days if there is someone waiting for the same scarf and i would only allow 5 days from reservation date for your to make a payment. even if u have confirm with me after 3 days i will cancel your order as well but if u really really want that scarves but do have the BIG problem with money or time to make a payment do tell me..i am very tolerate dont worry..but if and only if with a very very very very good reasons....and do get in touch with me...

i use new email

apa2 after this regarding tie rack email me with this new email ya
sila save :)

itu sahaja dari saya...

selamat membeli

nanti boleh ambil stock baru lagi..hehe
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